God is the leader of the Democratic Party!

If this is not already obvious to you, then read on, get educated about the politics of god.

God created us to be free
We must be free in order to achieve the meaning and purpose for human life,
as assigned by god himself

The Democratic party fights to keep us free, and to recover those freedoms
which repressors have taken from us.  Jesus created a clandestine anti-slavery
organization in the old Roman Empire that plagued the Roman slave masters
and helped their slaves escape to freedom for 300 years.

George Washington took up arms against the European institutionalized slave
society and defeated it.  The nation of France followed suit, killing tens of
thousands of slave masters (lords) and their supporters.

Austria and Italy followed suit in 1848.

Abraham Lincoln took up arms against the rebirth of chattel slavery in 1860
and defeated it

Lenin and Stalin took up arms in 1917 against the slave masters of Russia and
their supporters, and eventually killed 20 million of them to set the Russian
working people free.

Mao freed the workers of China in 1948

Freedom has been winning all the struggles of the common people since 1775.

God is winning!

We are truly "under god".  "Indivisible" is only beginning to happen.

What is the meaning and purpose of human life, you may ask?  It is simple.  
God is successful.  We do what he
designed us to do.  That is easy to see with
our own eyes, unaided by doctrine because we are a
single purpose entity.  We
create new knowledge.  
All else we do is a byproduct of the creation of new
knowledge.  The creation of new knowledge is the
only common thread that
runs through all of humanity for all of history.  Our purpose is obvious and
unquestionable.  And we are successful at it.