Run for office
Holmes County, our Florida, and our nation  needs good elected officials who believe that
government should be run for the best interests of the common people, not for the special
interests who may harm our economy, damage our freedoms and democracy, or force social
and economic stagnation upon us.  There will be elections in 2008 for the offices of Clerk of
the Court, Property Appraiser, Tax Collector, Sheriff, Supervisor of Elections, County
Commissioners (districts 1, 3, and 5), School Board Members (districts 2 and 4), State
Representative, State Senate, United States House of Representatives, Democratic
Executive Committeeman and Committeewoman from each Holmes County voting precinct.  
If you think you are qualified for one of these jobs and wish to work for the best interests of
your fellow citizens apply at the Supervisor of Elections Office in July of 2008 then let the
people of Holmes County or the election district for the office know of your qualifications
and how your election to that office will be of benefit to them.  All of these offices pay well
above the Holmes County income median except Precinct Committeeman and
Committeewoman which are volunteer political activist positions for our party. The offices of
State Representative, State Senate, United States House of Representatives are badly in
need of competent and reliable replacements for these positions.

...and of course, we voters will be electing a new United States President and Vice

Prepare ahead of time, announce your candidacy on this site and start participating
in the planning for these elections in 2008.  Get the jump on the potential candidates
from opposing parties.

Democracy and human freedom, like all other institutions, must be supported and protected
with money.  Good intentions is only good for one vote.  Give to your Holmes County
Democratic candidates so we can be the most effective supporter and protector of our
democracy and freedom.  Give to the candidate(s) of your choice, give early and often.  
Campaigns are the candidates means to let the voters know what they are getting when they
vote for him or her, but campaigns are costly.  Good candidates needs more than just your
vote if we are to have good government.  Be generous in your aid to creating good
government.  To contribute for good government,
contact us now.

No party or candidate can ever win an election without feet on the ground,  Volunteering
your time to help your party or your candidate can be worth more than money, and you can
become a true asset to your community, meet other civic minded people, have a greater
influence in government when you volunteer to help we the people of the the Democratic
Party and any of it's candidates for office.  Every hour counts. To volunteer
contact us now.

Executive Committeepersons
The Holmes County precinct committeeperson is the local representative of the Florida
Democratic Party (FDP) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  They conducts
the business of the Holmes County Democratic Party and consists of one Precinct
Committeman and one Precinct Committeewoman from each voting precinct in in Holmes
County, each elected democrat for a county office,  and a varying number of at-large
appointed Committeepersons and volunteers from time to time.  Precinct Committeemen and
Committeewomen are elected.every four years in the same year as the presidential election,
and serve for four years.  The position is unpaid and the DEC meets from four to twelve or
more times each year.  If you would like to participate in the Holmes County politics and
greatly increase your influence on Holmes County politics,
contact us now..

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