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Save our Sick School System
By: Charles Smith

When I was only 9 years old, I took a look at my school books and the curriculum and realized
that our school was not going to give me an education.  So I set about to educate myself, and did
so quite successfully for the next nine years.  At that time I assumed that the schools were only
preparing us boys  to be drafted into the military, and the girls to become married homemakers.  I
did quite well after high school.  In 1972 I had two children approaching high school and decided
to move back to Holmes County to protect them from the ravages of the illegal drugs that were
spreading like wildfire.  Little did I know that it had already become epidemic in the Holmes
County school system.   My son graduated in 1978 and my daughter left home to avoid one more
year in the Holmes County school system.  She has since become a self made tycoon, having done
quite well economically for herself.  My son died from cancer in 2002, and told me on his death
bed that being forced to go to school in Holmes County was child abuse.  So it appears that they
both had the same opinion of the school system that I did 30 years earlier, apparently nothing had
changed.  In 2000 I tried to introduce an awards scholarship into my old school, an award for
students who like myself had sought to enhance their own education on their own.  No luck. The
only students who applied were the one or two in each graduating class who won most of the other
awards and recognition for excellence  My goal was to motivate the others.  After a year or two I
tried to introduce the idea of students enhancing their own education for a graduation reward in the
sixth grade and on up to the 12th.  When I asked the sixth graders who wanted to compete for this
award, almost every in the room went up.  When I asked the 12th graders the same question they
scarcely recognized that I was in the room, ...no interest.  What had happened between the 6th and
12th grade to kill these children's ambitions?  I pondered that much until recently.  Upon getting
involved in politics in Holmes County, I have had some serious face to face discussions with our
local politicians, and the most revealing has been with some ex-school board members who are
determined to prevent 'liberalism' (whatever that is) in Holmes County.  Now I have heard all my
life that 'liberals' are the educated, the elite, the more intelligent of our society.  When I was in high
school, "common sense" was deemed to be the opposite of formal education, and preferable to a
formal education.  I think I now have the answer as to why our school system is so horrible and
inadequate, it is most likely by deliberate design of our school board.  If former board members
were so determined that our schools never produce educated 'liberals' and thus made sure that no
Holmes County student never got that kind of adequate education, is that not still the prevailing
influence in our system?   If this is true
we ARE abusing our children, all of them, through the
policies of these school board members who are determined that no student ever have the
educational capability to become a 'liberal', dooming many of them to lives of deprivation and
mediocrity.  Holmes County has been sliding downhill into economic oblivion all of my life and is
near to dead economically right now.  Is it not probable that what we have done to our children is
being reflected in the economic reality of Holmes County right now?

When we have our next election  be sure that you vote for school board candidates who have the
best possible educational future as their campaign platform and political ambition.

A close look at Race and Economics in 2009 America

Many assume that race has played a great part in this 2008 presidential election. To me, this
election has proven once and for all that racism is dead in the USA.  Obama has not caused an end
to racism, he has been the beneficiary of the absence of racism, it was over, dead, and done for
before he decided to run.  We had just never had a real barometer to deliver the proof to all of us
that this is true.  Now we know.  Racism has exited as a part and parcel of what we know of as
Americanism, a philosophy of freedom personal freedom given to us by George Washington and
the American revolution.

Now let us take a look at our current economic predicament.  If we look closely enough we will
see that our economy is controlled by our government, not any so-called “free markets” or, in other
words “unfettered capitalism”.  This looming depression is obviously a result of a clash between
democratic and republican controlled government economic policies.  All elected republican
presidents since Coolidge has gifted us with economic disaster. I have an extra comment about  
President Eisenhower who was an economic liberal.  He had a republican controlled congress for
one session, two years, and the great economic recession of 1957 was the result of that. (Harry
Truman had to deal with a short one at the shut-down of the American war machine, an
unavoidable one while we retooled for a consumer society).  How do the republicans do this, each
and every time a new republican is elected?  The republican bosses most certainly know the truth
about out economy, they are always successful in bringing it to it’s knees.  Our current predicament
is a result of the clash between democratic economic success and republican economic “success”.  
Trillions of “paper profits” were made on the stock markets by the common man during the Clinton
administration.  When the beneficiaries of this democratic success story took a look at George
Bush (hey, there are lots of savvy investors who know the truth about our economy) they pulled
their “paper profits” from the stock markets and put it into safer bank accounts, CDs, savings
accounts, etc., that were insured by FDIC.  My personal estimate that this amounted to at least
three trillion dollars in fresh deposits to banks, savings and loan institutions, etc.  So, then, lo and
behold, the republicans did exactly as was predicted and expected, they instituted economy killing
government tax and spending cuts, and we all watched in dismay as our whole economy reversed
from boom to bust and plummeted straight down, losing three million jobs in a few short weeks.
But wait!  Remember that three trillion in new deposits that are not in our real economy, the cash
flow economy that supports our working people?  The republican recession was blunted by this
sudden infusion of new cash into the money pumps, the banks, etc.  The banks had to do with that
money what they always do, they loaned out, into the old tried, true, and reliable real estate
markets, always good as gold in the past.  But to put that much sudden money into circulation they
were forced to lower the standards for real estate loans.  This caused a building boom and new
home buying stampede, but what went forgotten and unnoticed was the recessionary economic
policies of the republican controlled government were still in place, still driving down the buying
power (real earnings) of the common man, many who were enjoying their new homes.  At some
point, these new home owners (millions of them) reached the point where they could no longer
afford food, fuel, and their new home mortgage.  The mortgage holders became the first victims of
this situation as food and fuel became more necessary than the mortgage payment as these new
home owners/victims of republican policy struggled to survive their declining earnings.  So here we
are now, plummeting into a depression that is predicted by the ‘economists’ to be as bad as the
republican depression of Coolidge/Hoover, caused by the tax and spend cutting policies of the
previous administration and the weapon is to increase government spending.  There it is, the proof
that our government determines what kind of economy we live in.   Why do republicans do this?  A
subject for a later discussion.  One more comment:  The ‘science’ of economics seems to be more
for the purpose of hiding the truth from us all than giving us real explanations about the hows and
whys of our real economic engine, especially the ‘whys’.

ACLU vs Holmes County School Board

I have looked long at history for the reasons that have caused us to be what we are
today.  We now have had a successful lawsuit against our School Board for it's support for
the persecution of homosexuals.  I have wondered why we persecute these people for they
seem to do no harm to anyone or any of our institutions because of what we are.  It really
seems mindless, until you look far back into history to it's origins.  I have traced it's
origins to around 400-415AD.  At that time, chattel slavery has been converted to serfdom
for 100 years or so, imposed ignorance, poverty, and terror had been substituted for the
chains, whips, and guards for the control of these slaves.  All scientific inquiry and
development had been banned and all records of past accomplishments had been
destroyed as part of the imposed ignorance factor.  The ignorance part of the control over
slavery has been well established, and the Dark Ages was beginning.  The Lords of the
Roman aristocracy wanted to increase the profits from slavery but no technically
progressive method was allowed.  The serfs were considered by them to be but livestock,
so they seized upon controlling the quality of the serfs the same way they did their other
livestock, by controlling their breeding.  Every serf slave was also a valuable part of each
Lord's wealth, the more serfs on one's property, the greater his wealth. So to breed the
perfect obedient, compliant, industrious zombie-like (robotic) slave and enhance to the
greatest extent possible their wealth from slavery they controlled the mating of the slaves
and forbade any resistance of slave women to having the maximum number of children in
her lifetime. After that,  serfs were forced to "marry" someone chosen by the state, often  
a stranger who had been chosen by the "authorities" and no "divorce" or sexual contact
outside of this arranged marriage possible. However, one group of people seemed to
refuse to cooperate in this scheme.  They were the homosexuals who had no interest in
procreation.  To overcome this resistance, these people were persecuted, driven into their
"closets" and forced to procreate for the next 1700 years.  We overcame the "arranged"
marriage as of the American and French revolutions, the ban on contraception only 60
years ago, and it is time to stop the needless, useless, and worthless persecution of
homosexuals.  This is also one of the reasons for our controversies about evolution, for
the Roman's knew well of how it worked and how to overcome it by controlling the
breeding of living things, so they also had to hide knowledge of evolution to keep the serfs
from knowing what was being done to them.   They are still hiding evolution and
persecuting homosexuals today because of their involvement in the profits of the
capitalists of 1600 years ago, the Roman aristocracy.  None of us can ever be comfortable
in our freedom until all of us are free.-

Silly "gun control" laws

The debate about "gun control" seems to have no end nor common solution.  The
theocratic republicans bombard us continuously about the relationship between personal
firearms and crime, and the more ignorant democrats bite that hook and go along with it.  
The theocratic republicans say we should "prevent crime" by all of us toting guns
everywhere. This frightens their targets, the more meek democrats, into demanding an
end to the right to own guns.  Our forefathers, having just won their freedom from a
'divine rights' dictatorship and institutionalized slavery with guns that were necessary to
provide food on the frontier, and kill heathen natives, well understood the relationship
between tyrannical politics and an armed population.  I pride myself in being a left wing
'extremist' and a big supporter of out constitution's Second Amendment, which without a
doubt is the most important one after the First Amendment.  I see no conflict between
regulating guns and owning and keeping personal firearms or even munitions.  We have
the police to protect us from 'crime'   The instances of any real cause-and-effect between
criminals and gun toters is indeed rare.  The population could be protected against both
criminals and gun toters without trampling on our Second Amendment political rights.  No
law should ever say that we cannot own and keep firearms in our homes or place of
residence.  I have no quarrel with laws that say we can or cannot carry guns on our
person, or in or car, but there should never be any law that says that if it becomes
necessary to protect our freedom and democracy with gunpowder that we cannot go home,
fetch our weapons, and start killing the tyrants that we cannot rid ourselves of by any
other means.  That was, and is, the meaning and purpose of our Second Amendment, it
guarantees that we will never  be helpless against the superior forces of dictatorship and
slavery pushing demagogues.  We all should  be free from the fear of encountering a gun-
toting person who is having a really intense 'bad hair' day and/or a criminal who uses a
gun in his crime.  It is silly that we can drive around with an AK-47 in plain sight in our
car, but we argue endlessly about having a pistol in the car.  Let us look at what our
Second Amendment was designed to do for us,  Our constitution is a political document.  
The Amendments are for our political protections.  The Second Amendment is not for our
personal protection, it is for protection of our political rights and freedom.


No one seems to be considering that the  republicans party's efforts to destroy American
democracy has a third hidden facet.  Facet one is to prevent the democratic government
from having the means to deliver the protections to the average man that it was designed
to do by depriving it of the financial means to do so, their eternal drive to cut taxes.  Facet
two: cause the democratic government to go bankrupt by cutting taxes simultaneously
with greatly increased spending.  Facet three then becomes the destruction of the
currency which is the economic support of the common working man, the substance that
makes cash flow possible which is the real economy of wage earners.  The real wealthy of
this country count their wealth in possessions and property, not cash.  Cash is the life
blood of the consumer society, the society of the hated common man, the wage earner who
toils to increase wealth of the rich.  The wealthy see these should-be slaves as asking too
much for their services, and see cash flow as the big prevention for returning these
upstart workers to their proper status as servants of the rich, where the rich are the only
'consumers'.  Therefore, to destroy this facet of society, the value of cash must be
destroyed along with the supply of cash available to the common man in the form of debt.

Just when are going to come to our senses and have another "storming of the Bastille"
and rid ourselves of these republican tyrants and their schemes to live off of the toil and
sweat of our wage earners.


Foreign interests very much do have goals for American politics.  After all, the  right wing
extremist republican party has European wealthy aristocracy as it's roots.  We are largely
responsible for the downfall of their political authority, and they want revenge.

The real truth about our real “economy”

There is a profession known as “Economist” but I have never encountered one of these
“Economists” who actually knew what they were doing.  If there are any “Economists”
who actually understood our economic system, what it is, how it works, and why it works
as it does, we could stop having recessions and depressions, eliminate poverty and the
need for charity.  But we do have recessions and depressions, poverty is growing, and the
charities are getting more needy than ever.  So I have endeavored to discover these
things for myself.  What I find is that we have two economies, the economy of the
capitalist, and the economy of the wage earner, the worker.  Most of the time when you
hear talk of ‘economics’ on the news it is about the capitalist’s economy, the profit making
economy.  The wage earners have few open advocates among so-called “economists” and
they are seldom allowed to be heard.  The economy of the wage earner, the worker, can
best be described as a vast system of money pumps, all linked together in a vast network
known as our “society”.  When all the pumps work furiously, and the pressure in the cash
pipelines is high, the economists describe our economy as good, everyone is benefiting
and  secure.  When the pressure drops and the cash flow slows down, the economists say
the economy is bad and people lose their jobs and income.  When  each and every
individual person, organization, business, and institution receives money and passes it
along to others, it pumps money.  Our government is  by far the biggest and most
influential money pump in all of the world.  When it pumps strongly, all of the world’s
economies do well, and when it falters, the economies of all of the workers of the USA and
of all of the world suffers from the reduced volume and pressure.  The proof of this is
revealed in the results of the actions of our two political parties.  The republicans always
cut government spending and our economy always suffers, the democrats always increase
spending, and our economy soars.  Now the question musty be answered; Why Do They
Do This?, and the answer is quite simple, right out in the open in front of us all of the
time.  It has to do with the philosophical goals of the two parties, from the time of the
American revolution.    In 1769 the English parliament passed the “Declatory act of 1769”
which called for the export of English social practices to the colonies.  In 1769 England,
and all of Europe, governments were totalitarian profit making entities controlled by a
very few families known as “Aristocrats” who owned everything, including working people
who were known as “serfs”.  Serfs were actually slaves who were kept under control
through harshly imposed poverty, ignorance, and terror.  This act was actually the cause
of the American revolt, not “tea taxes” or “taxation without representation”.  The
colonists did not want to become serfs under totalitarian masters.  Most had been born
into the relative freedom of the colonies which were devoid of the aristocracy.  So we
rebelled, and won.  Upon the success of the revolt, we invented a government that was
dedicated only to our protection where all of the governments of Europe was dedicated to
worker repression and exploitation for the profits for the aristocracy (the "capita;lists" of
that day).  Our particular brand of human freedom allowed anyone of any belief to exist
within our society, and this allowed the enemies of our revolution to continue their
opposition to it from within.  The supporters of the revolution and it’s gains became known
as ‘liberals’ and the enemies of the revolution became known as ‘conservatives’, the
meaning of the word “conservative” being “keeping everything the same”.   One of the
things the new democratic government protected is economic justice for wage earners,
and that is also the most costly to protect within the capitalist system.  The conservatives
have always been faced with the question “how to undo the revolution”.  Under the
constitution, they could not just legislate it out of existence, so an alternative method was
devised to just neutralize it by denying it the financial means to protect us.  Democrats, on
the other hand, always strive to increase our protections and freedoms, and that is
expensive, requiring spending more. To keep it from delivering these protections, the
republicans sow hatred for taxes and promise to cut taxes and spending.  Now, reference
the above, government spending controls our economy.  So when republicans cut spending
and taxes  in an effort to deny government the ability to protect us, they destroy our
economy at the same time.   However, this is no accidental side effect.  Remember how
the serfs (slaves) were controlled in pre-revolution Europe?  Poverty, ignorance, and
terror.  That these contrived spending cuts cause increases in poverty is a plus to the
republican philosophy, it creates the poverty that the aristocracy (republicans) controlled
serfs with in the past.   The republican’s efforts to increase poverty, ignorance, and terror
is right out in front of us, all of the time.  Their best kept secret is why they do it.

How does one “increase ignorance” in the presence of the greatest educational system in
the world, you may ask?  Simple.  Make you believe lies.  That shuts out truth, facts, and
reality, AKA knowledge.


Failure of the capitalist system

We are suffering again the inevitable result of the failure of free market capitalism. This
has happened over and over and over since the American revolution showed the world a
better way, propping up the capitalist system with ever more protections for the people
who actually produce the wealth for the system, the workers. It's first failure in Europe
happened in France decisively in 1789, in much of the rest of Europe in 1849, in Russia in
1917, in China in 1946, in Cuba in 1958, and so on.  Where capitalism has survived it has
had the aid of government forced cash flow that supported the economies of workers.   
However, the supporters of free market capitalism keep trying to bring it back, and
always have the same  results by creating great riches for the few, great poverty for the
many, and finally disaster for all. The 'cure' for these disasters have always boiled down
getting rid of it's proponents with bullets or ballots. It is time we learned from all of these
repetitions of the certain end result of free market capitalism and banned it permanently.
We have prospered most reliably and most certainly when the greatest restrictions have
been placed on capitalism, like the 90%+ maximum income tax rates of the fifties and the
high estate tax rates, and fared the worst when these restrictions were lifted by the
republicans. We now have 2500 years of experience with this system and it has always
produced the same results when left alone and not made to stumble by an enraged
victimized populace;  wealthy totalitarianism and human slavery. It is foolish for us to
allow this to go through another cycle that ends with violence or economic disaster.
"Profits" and "wages" must be left in the trash heap of economic history and replaced
with income sharing for all of the participants. That we are where we are in the capitalist
controlled world is due to competition, not the availability of capital by the capitalists. Our
economy runs on credit, as is being well revealed to all of us now. That our system
requires the capital of the capitalists is proving to be a bag of lies to justify the constant
flow of wealth from the poor to the rich.

There is always the danger that the free marketeers will gain the upper hand again at
some time in the future and find some way to block the ballot cure, at which time the bullet
cure will kick in again, at great cost in blood and social upheaval and disaster.

Our federal government under control of the democrats is today doing what democratic
government was designed to do, it is protecting us from all things bad, especially bad
economy. It is protecting us now by forcing ever greater cash flow that is necessary to
protect the economic welfare of all of our society. This has been a vital function of
democratic government ever since it was invented in 1775  where welfare, Social Security,
unemployment compensation, public works programs, the progressive income tax system
supporting government spending, government loans and grants, education, etc, and etc
are all forms of government forced cash flow designed to prevent the failure of the
capitalist system. I have to question why this is not carrying over to all levels of
"government" (our protector) in our nation. The federal government is showing us the
way and the wisdom by loaning money to and actually buying into ownership of profit
making businesses, in addition to accelerating public works projects as a way to inject
needed cash flow into our economy. Our county, Holmes, is a perfect example of where
the capitalist system has failed and left us in  need for the local government to step in and
take whatever measures is necessary to establish a cash flow payroll producing industry
here. More than fifty years of continuous 'conservative' government here has seen our  
economy mostly die, just as eight years of 'conservative' leadership in Washington has
put our national economy, and indeed the entire world on the sick list. It is time we all
pulled together to make protective government work on all levels, from cities and counties
to the top in DC. All of the levels of our government must step in to do whatever is
necessary and emulate Washington in efforts to produce more cash flow payrolls. Due to
automation, labor has been on a long 100 year spiral downward to obsolence and  
extinction,  and government may never be able to extract itself from where it is going now,
managing the distribution of the necessities of life for all, forcing a cash flow that flows
through all of the segments of our society without regard to the need for consumer goods
that has supported the economy in the past.

Within the past ten days I have seen what I fear is a trend in the world of the right wing
conservatives, talking to two right wingers who live 1000 miles apart. They both
expressed the opinion that the answer to the problem of poverty was to exterminate the
poor! A sure road to disaster, shades of Auschwitz!!!

We here in Holmes County sit on the crossroads of two major tourist routes into Florida,
with the north-south route soon to become a four lane major traffic artery.  The capitalist
system has failed us here and it is time for our county government to be persuaded to
fearlessly do it's duty to the people of Holmes County.  What I propose to the people of
Holmes County,  to our County government, to our Development Commission, to our
Chamber of Commerce, to all of our businesses that must have prosperous customers to
survive, is that our government sponsor a gambling casino.  It would produce a huge local
payroll  giving our county and the local region a cash flow shot in the arm.   It would not
produce competition for any consumer product producing industry but it would enable
many people to have the ability to buy those products. The entertainment business is one
of the biggest money making industries in the world. Notice, I did not mention profits. The
casino could be operated without profits by giving all of the income to the participants
(formerly known as 'employees') and let that cash flow through their pockets into the
county's tax coffers and into the bank accounts of our for-profit businesses, or take a
direct percentage for tax relief. Gambling is nothing more than a cash flow distribution
scheme, no consumer product is created except the entertainment of the gamblers, which
the gambling industry claims is the basis for their existence. This makes perfect sense to
me with democratic government's long history of involving itself in all levels of business
for the protection of our economic security. Who knows, this may become permanent
through necessity as labor becomes more and more  obsolete through the advance of
automation, and there are fewer goods and services  jobs  that enable the common man to

I am not talking through my hat about this.  I helped usher in the greatest advance in the
automation of all things in human history in 1959 when I helped install and program the
first solid state digital computer ever in a civilian installation.  Since then I have served as
a computer systems consultant supporting the payroll system of a major gambling casino
that had 5,000 employees.   I know well how a casino produces a major payroll.  We here
in Holmes County need and deserve the creation of a payroll producing industry as much
or more than anywhere else in the state.  I challenge everyone who cares to help out in a
search and establishment of a payroll producing industry for Holmes County.  Gambling is
not a new idea here.  There is already a well established gambling industry nearby, in


Comments?  Let us hear from you.

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