So, You think you want "small government", eh?
...Then consider this...

When the republicans ran the Western world with the iron fist of aristocracy, the government was
indeed small, it consisted entirely of one man, known as a king, AKA dictator, monarch. totalitarian.
In this "small government" culture of our ancestors, all the labor force was slaves, over 90% of the
population.  These slaves were called "serfs" and "peasants" and "peons" and "commoners" and/or
simply the "servant race".

When the American colonies revolted and freed themselves from this domination by totalitarian
government they created a government that would provide protection against the tyrannies of the
European aristocratic dominated culture.  The aristocracy controlled their slaves with tightly enforced
poverty, ignorance, and terror, so our new democratic government set about to providing universal
education, economic equality, protections from the worst facets of poverty, guaranteed civil rights,
and it banned religion from government.  Protection from the ravages of poverty was the hardest and
most expensive to provide.  These protections may also be called
building blocks in our wall
against the return to human slavery.
The new government guaranteed political freedom so
everyone could actively support the political philosophy of their choice and participate in
government.  The advocates of keeping the old European political culture were therefore allowed to
continue their fight against our our revolution and our newfound freedoms,  These people are now
mostly all within the republican party.  They work against our freedom and know well of the cost of
providing the protections that protects us from the re-establishment of human slavery.  They lie to us
constantly about "small government" being "good" for us, when the fact is if they could make
government small enough, it could not provide these protections, and they would once again be able
to dominate us under a totalitarian ruler, and we would all succumb to slavery once more, just like in
the old Roman Empire.  They lie to us constantly about taxation being a form of theft by the
government.  Their goal is to cut the government's income to the point where it is impossible for it to
pay for the protections that it was founded to provide, and they would be able to re-create human
slavery for the profits of their elitists once again.

It is important to prevent at all costs even the most feeble among us from falling into slavery, for
human slavery spreads like a communicable disease once it has established itself anywhere in a
society.  The first capitalistic enterprise that is allowed to use slave labor will immediately force all of
it's competitors to use slavery in order for them to stay competitive and stay in business.  The end
result can only be that slavery spreads throughout the capitalist system and competition among the
capitalists continues, or all the competitors of the slave using enterprise fail and the enterprise using
slave labor becomes a monopoly.  Our consumer driven society would disappear, and society would
return to the old master/servant culture like old Europe where the only 'consumers' are the wealthy
who control the slaves.  In this kind of slavery, no one actually 'owns' a legal title to the slaves, as
was the case of racial slavery in our recent past, or the chattel slavery of the Roman Empire before
the establishment of serfdom.  The serfs were controlled entirely by their condition, and the society
constructed and controlled by republicans made sure that their condition never allowed them the
means to escape.  Work becomes slavery when one is forced to work only for food, and all of the
options that life may provide have disappeared or been banned.  

Keep this in mind when the republicans rave against "big government" and taxes and all of the
benefits programs that have been created to prevent us from sliding backwards into slavery, like the
minimum wage law, Social Security, welfare, Fair Labor Standards. labor unions, etc, they are
setting the stage for a slide backwards into slavery for the wage earners of the USA.

Since 2001 the republicans have shown us a new conspiracy against our form of government.  To a
republican, government is but another profit making business, and they think that our democracy can
be destroyed through bankruptcy.  So they simultaneously cut taxes and increase spending, building a
huge national debt.  Government spending has traditionally been good for our economy but the
republicans have found a way to spend without benefiting our economy,
they spend it on war so
the benefits go overseas and never causes a boost in domestic cash flow, which drives our real
consumer economy, or they give it to business without the business providing a fair product or
service to the government, as they did in our Medicare drug debacle.

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